July 9, 2013

It's Been Too Long........

  It has been months since I have updated this blog again.  The good news is that the reason why is because the girls have been so busy with all of their activities!  Having 2 kids involved in sports, and extracurricular activities sure keep mommy and daddy on their toes!
  Lily finished up a fantastic school year this year.  She really enjoyed 1st grade, and did incredibly well, excelling in Reading and Math.  We couldn't be more proud of all of her accomplishments.  She played Softball for the first time this year, and really enjoyed it, and she was able to dance in her 4th dance recital.
  In June, Lily made her first visit to the Bone Health Clinic at CHOP.  We were referred after her DEXA scan showed low bone density and a high PTH.  At the clinic she was seen by endocrinology, nutrition, and physical therapy.  I expressed some of my concerns to the PT regarding Lily's physical abilities, and an assessment showed that she has some general weakness in her right leg, as well as a shorter leg length on that side.  The PT felt she would benefit from 6 weeks of Physical Therapy over the summer to build muscle tone on that side.  So, this month we began once weekly sessions which daddy is taking her to.  The therapist is already impressed with Lily's work ethic and determination, and we know she will excel at whatever challenge she faces.  She is our rock star!
  We have lots of small trip and mini camps planned for the summer including art camp, Girl Scout camp, trips to NY and Ohio to see family, and Ocean City, NJ for some beach fun.  Before we know it the new school year will be upon us and we will have a 2nd grader!  I am posting a few recent pictures for you all to enjoy.  We hope you have a safe, happy, and healthy summer!!!

Heart Hugs,
Julia                                                                2013 Softball

                                                                             Dance Recital

                                                                           Dance Recital

                                                               Last day of School 2013

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